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The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The MYP is the IB curriculum taught between the ages of 11 and 16. The MYP is underpinned by the IB learner profile in which children are taught to become learners, thinkers, communicators, risk-takers, knowledgeable, carers, open-minded, balanced and reflective.

The curriculum will generally be subdivided into:

  1. Language and literature
  2. Language acquisition
  3. Individuals and societies
  4. Sciences
  5. Maths
  6. Design
  7. Arts
  8. Physical and health education

This contrasts with the British approach; a UK private school is not obliged to follow any set curriculum but most follow a version of the UK National Curriculum before teaching GCSEs or iGCSE courses at age 14 for two years. In those last two years, there is more choice for the GCSE student to start to specialise, whereas MYP students tend to keep to a broad subject mix with a global approach such that the curriculum is transferrable wherever you are in the world.

MYP students are generally marked on grades 1 (very poor) to 7 (excellent).

Very few British schools adopted the MYP because of its lack of certification, unlike GCSEs. However, the IBO has now introduced the eAssessment in Year 5 of MYP (15-16 years old) which leads to the MYP certification and an MYP grade. The MYP eAssessment is externally assessed but on computer. However, not all schools have adopted this certification process, which has so far meant many schools have opted to stay with GCSE/iGCSE in Years 10 and 11, before offering the IBDP at Year 12 (age 16 +). This may yet change, but the reader should note there are an extremely small number of IB MYP schools in the UK – all based around the Greater London Area – and most of them day only. They tend to cater for children of transient international expatriate workers.

The same practice also exists in many British international schools overseas, which offer GCSEs/iGCSEs In Years 10 and 11, before switching to the IB Diploma for the final two years of senior school. 

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