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Choosing an IB School from the International League Tables

Our Chairman, Les Webb, discusses some of the factors to consider in choosing an IB School, particularly when relocating from one country to another.

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We only include IB schools in our league tables if they teach the IBDP in English and with a minimum exam cohort size of 20. Some schools refuse to publish their IB DP results in which case we generally prefer to not recommend them.

Quite a large number of IB schools offer the IBDP but use a different curriculum under age 16, usually IGCSEs. If your child is under 16 but you insist they learn the PYP or MYP, then there are other IB schools which only offer those two younger curriculums, but we do not list them in the database for this website. We can still direct you to those schools but be aware you will likely end up looking to change to another school at age 16.